Why Social Media?

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What is the big deal about social media anyway?

Why do we need it?

Will it really profit my business?

Is there someone that can do it for me?


Why is it such a huge deal?

This new tech generation thrives on the quickest most up to date and available information out there. Over the years social media has changed drastically from just a way to keep up with friends to a booming marketing territory. Guaranteed at least one person with 100 friends or more is using social media in some way to boost their business.

Are they wrong?

Absolutely not.

These social media platforms are the way we get the news out there the quickest. It’s a one stop shop for having [almost] everyone at your fingertips. No longer do we have to wait to get an invite in the mail, or get a brochure from your favorite restaurant in the local paper on Sunday.

No, it’s here and now.

So let’s use it to your advantage.


Often times those that use social media as their one and only platform may tend to over use it, get obnoxious, or even don’t use it enough. Those that use it just to spout off business sales or forget to reach others personally, soon find themselves not meeting goals they were hoping to.

Here at Fenice Marketing we have created a formula that informs and updates your users in a timely manner and connects with them on a more personal level.

Our Promise To You

We will always keep it professional on your social media platforms.

We will make your customers and clientele feel appreciated when they take time out of their day to connect to you.

We will respond to each comment and message in a timely manner.

We will always respond to your customers in a positive way, never negative.

We will build a personal relationship with your customers using the social media platforms.

We will be available to answer any of your questions you may have concerning your platforms.


What Social Media Can Do For You

Studies show that social media, if done the right way, boosts businesses in so many ways.

Here are a few examples:

  • Gets your name out more– Don’t underestimate the power of the Share button
  • Connects you to long term clients
  • Saves money on paper for mailings
  • Unlimited followings, generate leads at 1/3 of the cost
  • Increase Web traffic when paired with your website
  • Receive instant feedback– both good and bad. Change the bad stuff. Enhance the good.

We care about each person that reaches out to us and will make them our people too. Our goal is to make social media a way of connecting on a more personal level the way social media was originally created for.

Let us help you do that.

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