Social Media Today

The more you know about current social media trends the better,plain and simple.
We will be sharing some infographics with you as to the current climate and state of social media and what the future will hold (to the best of our knowledge).
A lot of people ask us “Won’t  it taper off or lose steam”? To which we emphatically answer “NO”!
Social media is not only here to stay, but will only be getting bigger and better.
You will notice in the information below just how important and vital it is to YOUR business.
Notice how we emphasize the word YOUR. This is not by mistake.

As many of you no doubt have noticed, the phone book is not getting much use anymore (except to help your children sit higher at the table).
People between the ages of 10-35 do not use them at all anymore and why would you with the answers in your pocket?
Google just came out last year (2016) and stated that mobile searches will eclipse desktop searches this year! Think about that for a moment.
I am not that old but I remember having to go to the library to use the internet.
No smartphones back then! That is HUGE when it comes to making an impact on social media.
Look around you today. How many people are on their phones right now? You, in fact, may be reading this on your phone. Alas, I am using a laptop to write this but I digress.
People are on their phones at home, in the car (yikes), at work, etc. EVERYWHERE!
Here is my point: having a social media account is basically the first and biggest step in today’s advertising landscape.
It reaches people all over the world at the same time, anywhere there is internet service (which is most the globe).
As you can see below, Facebook is currently ruling the roost (surprise). By the way, see that second place finisher WhatsApp? Facebook owns that. Instagram too. Yeah.
We, at Fenice Marketing, think that if people are on social media non-stop (they are), why shouldn’t they be looking at you and your business?!?
That is the whole reason we are here.
To help you grow your business in this “new wave of the future”. Our sole purpose is to help you succeed and if I may say so, we are darn good at it.
We keep up on all the latest shifts and trends, all day, everyday.
Trends like this:
Check out the growth from year to year. That is incredible!
You will see what I am talking about as far as age groups.
It is nice to note that many, many people under and over this age range do indeed use social media as well:
We love helping all ages, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran! No question is too small or too big! Check this out:

Now let’s zoom out and take a look at the social media impact worldwide. You will be amazed:
Below is the full picture of internet/social media usage in the world in  2016. It is not for the faint of heart but if you are analytical like me, it is a goldmine of info:


Ok, so what does all this grand info mean to me and my business? Glad you asked!
We help you make the world a much smaller place with our experience and knowledge of social media.
From beginner to expert, we have you covered!
We portion it into bite size pieces that work for your particular needs.
Everyone is a bit different, so we help tailor social media to you.
It drives us here at Fenice Marketing.
Let us help you exceed your business goals with social media!