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With out private Facebook group we have created a curriculum to help people at all stages of their social media journey! We use many different styles of teaching: webinars, Facebook LIVE, discussions, custom graphics, one on one instruction, and much more!
We have made it our passion to help each and every person become successful with social media and in turn make their business profitable. Many of our clients have seen massive growth in just the first weeks of our program!
Check out what some of our clients said in just their first month in the group:

“Last month I was able to get $1,443 unit sales $300 of that personal. I sent out lots of messages/texts, reminders when I would order, got 1 qualified recruit and I’m currently working on her recruit to get her qualified this month I’m also working towards perfecting my FB Spa to get sales! #fenicesuccess#lovemyjob” – Amanda K.

“I’ve received my 1st order from my business page since posted each day. $226!!!! She is a current client, but hasn’t ordered in months!!!” -Kim L.

“It’s working … nothing huge, but I’m quite excited about this! I’m doing an event at a boutique on 2/10 – I posted about that today on my “what to wear wednesday” biz page post, then shared a few hours later on my timeline … well, I’ve had 2 friends share MY post on THEIR timeline!!! AND, I have my very first review on my biz page!#fenicesuccess”  – Karen E.

“She sent me a pm and I replied with some suggestions. She ordered Skinlogics Oily/Comb set and I always offer my clients 30% off any two items or sets when they get skincare sets – so she bought a BC Facial set for herself!!! $238 retail!!!! =$78.50 profit (even with the 30% discount) + a new client!!!!!” – Eileen P.

What’s the best part??

It is only $25!!

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